The Difference Between a Cowboy and Urban Youth

Not an officer, a civilian. Taking aim at federal agents.

Not an officer, a civilian. Taking aim at federal agents.

Cliven Bundy,

You don’t get to be special. You don’t get to insist that others play by the rules while you flout them. You don’t get to point your high-powered rifle at federal agents because you want to continue stealing.
Let’s flip the story for a minute. Let’s say there is a young man living in a city. Let’s say he breeds dogs to help support his family. Maybe he uses an empty building owned by someone else to house his dogs. This man decides he doesn’t like the terms of his lease, a lease deemed fair by his state government and his federal government. He refuses to pay his rent. So police and federal agents come to the building to evict his dogs from the premises. He gets his friends together with their weapons and trains those weapons on the agents. He and his friends refuse to leave or to pay the rent owed. How would this play out on Hannity? How would the story read on Fox News? Would the cowboy militias be headed in to give aid to the renter?

Clive and his "militia"

Clive and his “militia”

The truth is, Mr. Bundy, the only difference is in the color of your skin and the way you dress. There is nuance to any story, of course there is and I’ll gladly admit I am not privy to all of it. The fact remains that the land is owned and protected by the federal government. We tasked the Bureau of Land Management with protecting wild lands, plants and animals. You can pay rent to graze a limited number of cattle on that land. You refuse. That is theft. Threatening agents with bodily harm by training rifles on them is thuggery.
The death of some of your herd as reported by those in attendance is a tragedy. One that rests solely on your shoulders. You move your cattle or the landowners will. I’ve seen friends evicted before, they don’t box your stuff up nice and neat, it goes into a dumpster.
I know people who bristled at Harry Reid referring to these so-called militia members as “domestic terrorists” but what else should we call people who threaten the lives of federal agents in order to support thievery? I’m okay with “domestic terrorist” but we can go with “gangster” if that suits you better.

An Actual Law-Abiding American

The Daily Show takes on the story.
As usual, very much worth the few minutes it takes to watch.

Part One:
Apocalypse Cow

Part Two – Welfare Rancher:
Welfare Rancher

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2 Responses to The Difference Between a Cowboy and Urban Youth

  1. leftover says:

    While not attempting any rationalization for Bundy’s nonsense, I think it’s important to remember that the United States government, through the BLM, has exacerbated this controversy by allowing it to continue for more than 20 years. The reserved approach taken by the government is in stark contrast to its approach in other cases. In particular, those involving The Western Shoshone Nation.

    More here.

    Bundy’s…and his supporters’…”sovereign citizen” bullshit is contrasted with the struggle of The Western Shoshone against the BLM here.

    Bundy’s lucky it wasn’t mining interests who wanted the land he claims. And, of course, he’s lucky he’s a white man. As Jacqueline Keeler points out, Bundy should be paying those grazing fees to the Western Shoshone.

    • Just Vegas says:

      Yes, I agree. I’ve heard mention of the Shoshone here and there in reading about this but I don’t have a full understanding of the history there. I appreciate the links for that.
      I don’t think the BLM is “pure” or without fault in general OR in this situation because (as I mentioned in the post) I know I don’t have all the pieces.
      My critique here applies to Bundy, the militias and their supporters without necessarily acquitting all other parties of wrong behavior.

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